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Quantum Imaging

Quantum Imaging entails the use of quantum procedures to enhance the quality of the image formed by an optical system. In the past year we developed means to achieve the quantum-optimal longitudinal resolution of an idealized image consisting of two mutually incoherent point sources [1]. We have also developed a new means of image formation that combines aspects of ghost imaging and interaction-free measurements that can perform at near-vanishing levels of illumination [2].

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  2. Interaction-Free Ghost-Imaging of Structured Objects, Y. Zhang, A. Sit, F. Bouchard, H. Larocque, F. Grenapin, E. Cohen, A. C. Elitzur, J. L. Harden, R. W. Boyd, and E. Karimi, Optics Express 27, 2212-2224 (2019).).